5 Fascinating and Breathtaking Places to Visit in Kenya

Renown for amazing safaris and excellent summer experiences, Kenya is the ultimate destination for a proper holiday with your family. Surprisingly, most locals have only been to selective places, and they can tell as much from books and magazines rather than speaking from experiences. So how well do you know your country Kenya?

The Beauty of Kenya / Source: traveldiscoverkenya.com

Where the Country Stands

There is a lot to explore in Kenya, places that many people are not aware of. Unique scenery hosting the rarest species of animals, insects, and birds. But hey, we are not about to talk about the country’s wildlife because it cannot fit in a single article. (Should we start a series of the same? Drop your suggestions on the review slot).

This article will focus on the beauty of nature nurtured by both man and forces beyond us. We will also point out some of the inventions men have come up with as a way to survive. Waterfalls, hot springs, salt licks, name it – I know you are probably excited already. We’ll touch on every sugar, spice, and everything excellent that the land has given birth to.

Things to Look Out for

No one can ever say that they are confident enough to say that they understand everything nature holds. A nature lover would tell you that some rare things are so simple, but the concept behind their formation is so complicated. Kenya is home to the second tallest mountain in Africa and under merit awards like wildebeest migration and world-class hotels. So what else makes us as good?

Natural Attractions


Have you ever laid on a massage table, and your masseuse or masseur plays waterfall sounds? How relaxing was the session? Waterfalls are known to provide some relaxation effect to the person enjoying the view at close range. Some of the waterfalls in Kenya to take a nature walk around include

  • Fourteen falls
  • Thomson falls
  • Karura waterfalls, Nairobi
  • Kibathithi waterfall
  • Chania falls, Thika, Kiambu
  • Waterfalls in Tigoni, Starehe, Tigoni Rd
  • Makalia waterfalls
  • Rapids waterfall
  • Karuru waterfalls
  • Nyahururu falls
  • Kang’ere waterfalls
  • Karweti waterfalls, Githunguri
  • Waterfall and caves, Picnic ground, Canada
  • Ngare Ndare waterfalls
  • Olloolua Nature Trail
  • Iveche waterfalls
  • Gura Giant Falls
  • Mango/Chepkiit waterfalls
  • Torok waterfalls
  • Gatitika falls, Kimbimbi
  • Koromosho falls
  • Paradise Lost
  • Zania falls
  • Nyabuyole Falls
  • Magura falls

Hot Springs

They say it’ll take an egg three minutes to boil on these hot springs near me. They have temperatures substantially higher than the surrounding as they are heated with molten rock. So, where can you find hot springs in Kenya?

The Beauty of Kenya / Source: julius-tours.com
  • Kijabe hot springs
  • Lake Elementaita hot spring
  • Lake Bogoria hot spring
  • Arus hot spring
  • Kasia hot spring
  • Abundant hot springs
  • Kapedo hot spring

Salt Licks

Have you ever found an area where salt is freely lying on the ground due to natural means? Sarova salt lick is Kenya’s well-known spot which is within a national park, Tsavo West.

Artificial Attractions


The Seven Forks is a series of dams with hydro stations that lay along the Tana River’s lower part. They are five dams, which are the backbone of Kenya’s hydroelectric power generation stations. These dams stretch from Embu county to Machakos county, all within the Eastern Province. The dams and power stations include

  • Masinga
  • Kamburu
  • Gitaru
  • Kindaruma
  • Kiambere

Irrigation Schemes

The backbone of the country’s economy is agriculture, and it is smoothly facilitated by several irrigation schemes that make it possible for farmers to grow enough food for everyone. Some of the popular irrigation schemes include

  • Ahero, Bunyala, and West Kano in Western Kenya
  • Mwea  in Central Kenya
  • Hola, Parker, and Bura in the Coastal Regions
  • Galana-Kulalu food security project


Kenya provides recreational facilities and has multiple regions to learn and experience a different theme of the visit. Do not be stagnated on going to the Coast for beach moments while there are many places you can visit and have fun also.

What other unique place have you visited in Kenya? How was your experience?