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Pinpaya Kenya

Pinpaya Kenya is a digital platform that cares for the entertainment and location understanding of people in Kenya. They aim to run this business directory in Kenya and all other parts of it. Within any location of Kenya, they offer easy-going and appealing establishments with their customers. This website is discovered for the people who want to enjoy and indulge themselves with all the multiple and refreshing locations of Kenya.

Pinpaya Learn

Pinpaya Learn is an online platform for learning across Africa. Our mission is to help the African continent grow by learning online from the comfort of your own home, and to help talented people find jobs.

Pinpaya founders

Pinpaya founders

Pinpaya is the brainchild of Georgi Kurotskin and Gleb Makarov, two IT entrepreneurs from the digitally advanced city of Tallinn in Estonia. The creation of Pinpaya was inspired by the expansive growth of the IT industry in Kenya as well as the massive spread of the internet. Interactions with contacts and friends from Kenya quickly revealed that there was an opportunity in the Kenyan society whose dynamism was missing the platform to cater to the ever explorative nature of the Kenyan people.

Pinpaya has been created to enhance the experiences of all who seek to enjoy and discover all the diverse and exhilarating locations and experiences within Kenya.

Our Team

Pinpaya is led by a strong, diligent team of experts who have closely studied trends, markets, societies and the strength that lies in the predictability of a fast-advancing technology. Our team is dedicated to transforming the Kenyan hospitality and entertainment industry by making it easier for consumers to find access to the options available to them.

Shalet, our Head of Marketing and city center of Nairobi, Kenya

Benefits for Investors

• High investment returns
• An in-house team that comprises of developers, designers and marketers at our office which is situated in the heart of Tallinn, Estonia
• An increasingly expanding Kenyan market
• A unique set of ideas for the Kenyan market

We are in media



Headquarter office & Contact

Järvevana tee 7b, 10132
Tallinn, Estonia

[email protected]

Headquarter office & Contact
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