Who can be a tutor?

Anyone who is at least 18 years old and wants to teach.

How is payment done?

When you buy a lessons, you deposit the funds. At the end of each lesson, the tutor and student confirm the end of the lesson on the website. Once the lesson is confirmed, the funds go to the tutor’s deposit.

How can tutors withdraw funds?

You submit a withdrawal request on the site. The minimum withdrawal amount is 100€. Your withdrawal application will be considered within 24 to 48 hours. You will receive funds for the payment method of your choice. (Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill, IBAN)

How do I find a tutor?

Select the “Find Tutors” section on the main page or the required subject. Then use the refinement search by criteria or select the best teacher right away.

How to order a lesson from a tutor?

Please book an appropriate time on the tutor’s calendar and make your payment.

How payment is done?

Buying a lesson, funds are not immediately transferred to the tutor. We hold funds until the end of each lesson. At the end of each lesson, tutor and student mark the end of the lesson on the website. After confirming the completion of the lesson, the funds go to tutor’s deposit for 1 lesson. It will protect you from fraud.

How does the tutor add a video presentation?

You can add a video in the “My tutor Profile” section. To do this, you must first upload the video to the Youtube platform and then add the link in your profile in the “My Video” section.

How does a tutor change their schedule?

Please login as a tutor and choose “My schedule”.

How to add a certificate / diploma as a tutor?

Please login as a tutor and go to the “My Certificates” section and click “Add New Certificate”. Then select the file and save. After confirming the certificate, it will be available in your profile.

A student/tutor is asking for contact information or suggesting to deal outside the platform. What should I do?

Please explain to the student/tutor that we reinvest commission from the lessons into marketing, programming, and platform development. Being a part of our tutors’ family means understanding and accepting our rules and principles as well as being honest with us. We block tutors who try to cheat the system and that way the tutors can never get new students again.

Can the lessons with my student be confirmed automatically?

We do not have this option at this time. We are working on it.

How do I report an issue with my lesson?

Please send us an email through the form. Our support center: [email protected]

What should I do if I won’t be able to give the planned lesson?

When you become aware that you will not be able to carry out your planned lesson, please inform your student as far in advance as possible by rescheduling or cancelling the lesson in your ‘My lessons’ menu. Note that you can cancel or reschedule lessons without any penalties up to 4 hours before the scheduled start time. Otherwise, the Cancellation Policy may apply.

Can’t join Pinpaya Classroom or having connection issue?

If you experiencing issues joining the Pinpaya Classroom, please talk to the student/tutor and deal on connecting through alternative video conferencing solution, for example Google Meet, Zoom or similar.

Why do you check my profile changes?

Our team manually verifies and approves a profile of each new tutor. During the verification process, we pay close attention to the level of profile completeness and its quality, as well as assess qualifications of each tutor. It is crucial for us to maintain high standards for profiles of our tutors on all stages of cooperation. That is why all important changes will be additionally approved by our side.

Where can I find a tutor’s contact information?

In order to get the tutor’s contact information, you need to select the date and time for the first lesson and prepay it through our platform.

How do I pay for lessons?

We provide convenient and safe tools to pay for the lessons with our tutors. You can pay by credit/debit (Visa/Mastercard) cards or via PayPal. Payments for all online lessons are made through our website.

What is the Pinpaya platform comissions?

Our withdrawal commission is 25%, which is significantly lower than on other platforms.

Are there any student fees?

There are no fees for the student other than the money processing fee 1-5€ (depends on checkout total cost). This commission is made to cover the cost of financial service provider commissions and refunds.

Can you refund money back to the student?

Upon request, the payment for unused hours can be returned to the student. Processing fee is not refundable.

What happens if a teacher arranges to pay for lessons off the platform?

We block teachers who try to cheat the system and that way the teacher can never get new students again.

How you can get trusted tutor badge?

Completely filll your tutor profile fields and add introduction video in your tutor profile. After that, the badge will appear automatically and you will be in the top in your category.

Do you still have questions? Email us [email protected]

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