Pinpaya is your ultimate entertainment guide in Kenya. Our goal is to enhance your experience by pinpointing exact locations to suit your ideal day or night, out. Pinpaya is the link to various entertainment activities and locations such as bars and restaurants, night clubs, recreational sites, and SPAs within Kenya.
Please contact [email protected]

Can I register my business for free?

Registration is one hundred percent free at the moment. Pinpaya shall inform businesses directly through email of their registration details and status. Pinpaya will inform all members of any changes involving their registration status. Pinpaya will be in regular communication with members on all offers and prospects relating to their registration status or subscription.

What do I do if the site already has my place?

Please register with the same address as you see in the contact details on your place page or contact us at [email protected]

Why should I register my business on Pinpaya?

Pinpaya is an active and popular platform where people come to seek further information and directions on how to access the various entertainment options available to them all over Kenya. Pinpaya is useful to a business because of the constant visibility your business would receive on all our platforms due to the huge amount of traffic we receive on our website and social media sites. Pinpaya is the best place for your business to receive the attention it deserves, with us you are sure to be seen.

How do i find out more information about Pinpaya?

You can find out more information about us on our website, you can also find us on facebook and instagram. You are also welcome to write to us, you can do this by filling the form under our contact us page. We are happy to hear from you and to answer all your questions, you will hear from us in 2-3 business days.

Does Pinpaya have an office/where are Pinpaya offices situated?

Pinpaya office is currently in Tallinn, Estonia. Even though we are fully operational in Kenya, our offices are headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. We plan to open an office in Kenya soon.

Are there any rewards for registering on Pinpaya?

Other than the visibility you will receive due to the huge amount of traffic on all our platforms, including our website and social media sites, there are plenty of other opportunities that will be available from Pinpaya. We shall keep you informed regularly through our website and social media sites.

Who do I contact in case of a question or complaint about Pinpaya?

We are happy to hear from you. We hope to find speedy solutions to any problems you might experience. You can always reach us at [email protected]

Does Pinpaya plan to have an office in Kenya?

Pinpaya currently has an office in Tallinn, Estonia. We plan to open an office in Kenya soon.

Am I able to shop for products or services on Pinpaya?

At the moment we are not selling any products or services on our website or social media sites. The launch of the marketplace is planned in 2021.

Can I sell on Pinpaya?

We currently do not have a shop at Pinpaya for you to sell your products or services from. The launch of the marketplace is planned in 2021.

Will I get discounts to shop from Pinpaya?

Pinpaya does not currently have any active discount offers or discount codes. Pinpaya will keep you informed of any discounts or discount codes on our website and social media sites.

Does Pinpaya pay for advertising?

We shall keep you informed on all opportunities available from Pinpaya. Feel free to get in contact with us at Support about all your ideas and/or suggestions.

I am a social media influencer and i want to work with Pinpaya, how do i get in touch?

We are happy to partner with hardworking, result-oriented people who are looking to leave a positive impact on our planet just like us. Write to us at [email protected] with your ideas and proposals.

What are the benefits of Pinpaya to me?

Pinpaya is of great benefit to you because we keep you informed and updated on all the best entertainment options available to you. Pinpaya is the ultimate entertainment guide in Kenya, showing you how to get to the best entertainment spots available in your surroundings.

Pinpaya is offers opportunity for growth to businesses as they get access to our wide scope of visibility due to the traffic drawn to our website and social media sites.

Is Pinpaya made in Kenya?

Pinpaya is a European start-up company with a keen interest in connecting people to all the entertainment and hospitality options available to them in Kenya.

Who are the employees of Pinpaya

Pinpaya has a great in-house team of developers, marketers in Tallinn and Nairobi.

How can I get a job at Pinpaya? Is Pinpaya hiring?

We are not currently looking to expand our team by hiring or recruiting people. Pinpaya will let you know, through our website, on any plans to recruit or hire staff.

How do I know Pinpaya is not a scam?

We are a start-up company situated in Tallinn, Estonia. Pinpaya will never contact you or use your information for any purposes otherwise not stipulated on our website.

Does Pinpaya have agents or representatives in Kenya?

Yes we do. For any questions or concerns kindly email [email protected].

Can Pinpaya agents and representatives demand discounts from my business/ are pinpaya agents and representatives entitled to discounts

All agents, associates and/representatives of Pinpaya know to strictly conduct themselves according to our code of conduct. None of our agents, associates or representatives are to demand or receive any gifts, favors or discounts solicited in a manner that would be in contravention to our policies and code of conduct. Any such occurrence must be reported to Pinpaya for immediate action.

Do I have to pay a subscription fee to Pinpaya?

Registration is currently free on Pinpaya. Pinpaya will contact all partners and members directly regarding their registration status.

Can I advertise my business on the Pinpaya website?

If you are interested on advertising your business on any of the Pinpaya platforms please get in touch with us here.

Can I advertise my business on Pinpaya social media sites?

If you are interested in advertising your business on any of the Pinpaya platforms, including our website and social media, please get in touch with us here.

Will I get prizes from Pinpaya? Will I win anything on Pinpaya?

Pinpaya has been known to occasionally surprise our biggest and most loyal supporters with giveaways and fun prizes. Pinpaya will announce all contests, prizes and winners on our website and social media sites.

How are winners selected?

Winners are selected electronically, through a computer-generated, tamper-free, non-biased process.

Where can I register my business?

Registration is currently open on our website. Please feel free to share all your details and we shall commence the process of your registration.

Does Pinpaya feature all Locations in Kenya?

At Pinpaya we are constantly updating our website and all the different businesses and locations we plan to feature on the website. It is our goal to be the ultimate entertainment guide for you.

Does Pinpaya feature all businesses in Kenya?

At Pinpaya we are particularly interested in businesses that are active in the entertainment and hospitality industry. For advertising opportunities kindly contact us at [email protected]

Is Pinpaya only in Kenya?

Pinpaya is found is currently only operational in all locations in Kenya.

Does Pinpaya have a blog?

Yes we have a blog. The Pinpaya blog can be found on our website.

My business is an online-only business, can I still register on Pinpaya?

You can register your business as long as you have an address. An address is required to assist the clients on their navigation.

I do not have a permanent address or location for my business, can I still register on Pinpaya?

An address is required for businesses wishing to register on our website. All registered businesses on Pinpaya assist clients to be able to navigate to the business premises. An address that can be traced by google maps would be instrumental in keeping up with the client's needs.

My address cannot be found on google maps/my address is not listed on google maps can i still register on Pinpaya

Sometimes businesses are registered in other forms other than business names. You can find out if your business is found under a different name or number such as street name and address, building/complex/flat number

Does Pinpaya have an app?

We currently do not have a Pinpaya app. We do however, plan to develop and launch an app soon.

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