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Who we are?

Pinpaya is a European Start-up company that is set to meet the needs of consumers and suppliers in the Kenyan Entertainment and Hospitality industry. Read more about us.

Download Pinpaya pitch for investors (PDF)

Why Pinpaya?

The escalating growth of innovation and technology in our current world translates to the increased ease of information dissemination. The founders of Pinpaya foresaw this opportunity as one that could easily meet the requirements of an ever-growing digital Kenyan market that includes both consumers and suppliers.

What we do?

Pinpaya is fast positioning itself to be a leader in catering to the pre-determined needs of a technologically empowered consumer audience whilst also providing visibility, recognition and a platform for suppliers and consumers.

Pinpaya, is a solution provider that is bringing the vast sea of options as close as the palm of the buyer’s hand.

By going forth and booking a space in the competitively intertwined world of advertising, marketing, entertainment and marketing, Pinpaya is set to be trailblazer in this sector as it relies on the power that lies not only in the utilization and spread of the internet but also the productivity of social media.

The team

Pinpaya is led by a strong, diligent team of experts who have closely studied trends, markets, societies and the strength that lies in the predictability of a fast-advancing technology. Our team is dedicated to transforming the Kenyan hospitality and entertainment industry by making it easier for consumers to find access to the options available to them.

georgi kurotskin, gleb makarov

Benefits for Investors

• High investment returns
• An in-house team that comprises of developers, designers and marketers at our office which is situated in the heart of Tallinn, Estonia
• An increasingly expanding Kenyan market
• A unique set of ideas for the Kenyan market

Download Pinpaya pitch for investors (PDF)

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