Bio-Ken Snake Farm & Laboratory

What does Bio-Ken do?
Bio-Ken milks snakes for medical research and for the preparation of anti-venom. It provides anti-venom to treat victims of poisonous snake-bite and, with the help of the James Ashe Antivenom Trust (JAAT), it provides it free of charge to those unable to afford it.

Bio-Ken also offers a free ‘remove-a-snake’ service for people in Watamu and the surrounding area. Any snakes removed from a property and relocated in to the wild or brought back to the farm for study, depending on the species.
There is a wide range of venomous and non-venomous snakes at the farm. Visitors are welcome to look around the farm in the hope that they will become more familiar with snakes.

Bio-Ken holds biannual snake-bite seminars which are attended by experts from all over the world. Bio-Ken is promoting an educational scheme to teach people the correct procedures when faced with a snake-bite, the importance of snakes and why they should not necessarily be killed on sight.
Bio-Ken hosts regular informative snake shows for tourists at nearby hotels. They also organise different snake safaris for the more interested, to show some of Kenya’s snakes and reptiles in their natural habitat.

Gede Watamu Rd, Gede, Kenya, Watamu 80202 Kenya, Kilifi County

06:00 - 20:00


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Coordinates: -3.3278725, 40.012748
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