Mama Savana

The African word Safari in Kiswahili language means “travel” or tour: Not only physical tour, but also a spiritual. For Mamasavana this is not a simply African tour towards the in contaminated nature, but a tour inside yourself, where the contact with the land of the great Mama Africa takes you back to your origins.

Mamasavana wants to lead by hand whoever wants to embark on this experience in savanna, the real heart of Africa, with Kenya or Tanzania safari.

We would like to narrate you more, but we know very well that certain emotions can not narrated, but only by living. Neither do we want to make you depart right away: the desire is probably already inside you.

After several years of free consultation to friends and relatives, which turned into experience and at last into a profession, today Mamasavana is an unique agency on its own, in service of nature lovers and those with a passion for the African savanna.

Tired of pre-packed products that rarely satisfy clients, Mamasavana offers unique and special tailor-made itinerary programs for groups and singles, working hand in hand with you to make your safari in Africa an unique experience as you have always dreamed. In these past ten years, between Africa and Europe, our vast experience favour us in providing you with all the solutions and resolving any need you may have. 

Malindi Town, Malindi 80200 Kenya, Kilifi County



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Coordinates: -3.2191864, 40.1168906
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