Eligibility and Registration

  1. Age Requirement: Tutors must be at least 21 years old.
  2. Subject Proficiency: Tutors must have a strong understanding of the subjects they wish to teach.
  3. Verification: Tutors are encouraged to upload relevant certificates and qualifications to verify their expertise.
  4. Profile Accuracy: Tutors must provide accurate and truthful information on their profiles, including qualifications and experience.

Conduct and Professionalism

  1. Respect and Courtesy: Tutors must treat students with respect and courtesy at all times.
  2. Punctuality: Tutors should be punctual for all scheduled lessons.
  3. Communication: Tutors must maintain clear and professional communication with students and parents.
  4. Responsiveness: Tutors should respond to student queries and messages in a timely manner.

Lesson Quality and Integrity

  1. Preparation: Tutors must prepare adequately for each lesson to ensure effective teaching.
  2. Original Content: Tutors should provide original teaching materials and avoid plagiarism.
  3. Assessment and Feedback: Tutors should provide constructive feedback and regular assessments to track student progress.

Ethical Guidelines

  1. Confidentiality: Tutors must maintain the confidentiality of student information and not share it without consent.
  2. Boundaries: Tutors should maintain professional boundaries and avoid any inappropriate relationships with students.
  3. Honesty: Tutors must be honest in their dealings and not engage in any fraudulent activities, including falsifying qualifications or billing for unrendered services.

Payment Policies

  1. Platform Usage: All lesson bookings and payments must be made through the Pinpaya platform. Holding lessons outside of the Pinpaya platform is acceptable, but all booking and payment must be done through the platform.
  2. Commission: Pinpaya takes a commission from each lesson to cover the costs of advertising, maintenance, and growth of the platform.
  3. Compliance: Violating these payment policies may result in the suspension of your account.
  4. Terms of Use: By using Pinpaya, you agree to the terms of use & general conditions.

Platform Usage

  1. Profile Updates: Tutors should keep their profiles up-to-date with current availability and qualifications.
  2. Lesson Scheduling: Tutors must use the platform’s scheduling tools to manage and confirm lessons.
  3. Adherence: Tutors must adhere to all platform policies to ensure a fair and positive experience for all users.

Disciplinary Actions

  1. Violation of Rules: Tutors who violate these rules may face disciplinary actions, including suspension or termination of their accounts.
  2. Reporting Issues: Tutors are encouraged to report any issues or breaches of conduct they encounter to the platform’s support team.

Continuous Improvement

  1. Feedback: Tutors should seek feedback from students to improve their teaching methods.
  2. Professional Development: Tutors are encouraged to engage in continuous professional development to enhance their teaching skills.
  3. Feedback to Platform: Tutors are encouraged to provide feedback to Pinpaya about their experience on the platform and suggest improvements to enhance the service.