Adaeze N.



Algebra, Mathematics
Port Harcourt, Nigeria
B.Agric (Agricultural Economics)

About me

My name is Adaeze Comfort Nnamdi, popularly called miss Comfort by my students and Premium Maths Tutor by friends and parents.

I am a mathematics tutor with 6 years experience. I tutor upper primary and secondary school students.

I teach my kids using fruits and everyday life illustration for better understanding and relatability. I prepare students for GSCE, Cambridge,Common Entrance, Junior and Senior WAEC, and external examinations both locally and internationally.

I am trained with certification with Excellent Mathematics Consult. I help my students overcome fear in maths.

For a boy who was at the verge of repeating because he failed maths,and taking my lessons,he now teaches his colleagues because he became the best student using the approach I taught him. This is a student from one of the best schools in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. That Should tell you how solid and tough their exams can be.

I'm here to help you. I guarantee you transformation after my class. It's a promise.

You can stop the lesson if after one month,there is no visible improvement. I'm confident like that, because I'm sure of what I'll make of you after teaching you maths with my different approach in a simplified manner.
I'll be waiting to hear from you immediately.

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November 15-21