Sila N.



Writing & copyrighting
Nairobi, Kenya
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology|Advanced Diploma in Technical Teacher Education| Ajira Digital Program Curriculum

About me

So you are looking for a writing expert to take you through?

Content is the soul of any business, websites and pages. So choosing a suitable trainer is very important to it. With my ability, you will carry out your project easily.

I am not the best in the industry but these are five things I do that others won't.
1. Dedicate 80% of my time training you and providing you with relevant samples.
2. Assess your readiness by providing you with real-life jobs to enhance your skills.
3. Friendliness is always in my dictionary.
4. Always learning to have the best plan for your schedule.
5. Creativity and innovation in making learning retainable.
I am most proud of my responsibility, my efforts, understanding my customers, having valuable lessons, experiencing new things. I BELIEVE those are my most special skills . This will definitely be essential for your project.
Finally, which areas am I so conversant with;
1. SEO writing.
2. Writing styles and formats
3. Writing tones e.g. journalistic and expository tone
4. Blog writing and monetization.
5. Article writing.
6. Industry software tools e.g. plagiarism checkers and grammar checkers.

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November 15-21