Nick v.



Computer literacy, Business Consulting, Public speaking
Uden, Netherlands
10 years
English, German

About me

after I started as a misfit, became an activist and developed skills to become a practivist: “someone who sees problems as opportunities to tackle”. I have been awarded by Forbes to be one of the 1500 under 30 changemakers and 3 times T500 Young Digital talent of the year by The Next Web & Accenture, while I developed into a serial social entrepreneur. This rollercoaster ride was exciting and I would love to give others that have been in similar situation (feeling not understood and alone, coming up for their rights but not knowing how, willing to invent solutions and solving societal quests) the toolkits to do so as well. Now I am on the mission to train 1 million people before the age of 30 to turn their activism and insecurities into their skills to make a positive impact and live a life in abundance.

Here I am, returning the favour to you! I am here to help you make a bigger impact on society! Are you ready for it? Find out what I can do for you based on my own experiences.

Did you know…

…That I have spoken internationally on Innovation, Science & technology conferences in Brazil, San Francisco, New York, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Thailand & China so far. About the future of work, healthcare, labor, banking, living, organizations and education. Pinpointing where micro-communities are shaping society towards, from transhumanists and biohackers towards digital nomads and conscious world citizens.

My lessons & teaching style

Informal and practical, learning by doing, while we use many different tools to blend the course into a gamified practise.

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