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The journey to the top is not a straight route,but the view at the top is worth the stress. I could write this excerpt today because I feel I have achieved a feet, I am not where I wanna be,but I am not where I use to be.
The first encounter I had with math was in high school,a rest was administered to the class,I can very well remember the question (simultaneous equations),I got 1 out of 19 because I was only able to take the first step out if 19-which I copied from a friend seated beside me (who covered his books so I won't be able to complete the test). The feeling of disappointment I had that day propelled my aspirations for Numeracy as I told myself if someone could do it(my friend got 19/19),only I can do it better. I saved my feeding allowance and bought myself the first "Teach yourself Numeracy textbook" when I was in Junior high school and that was the beginning of the turn around in Mathematics for me. Today I am Mathematics major, graduated with excellent degree from one of the most prestigious citadel of learning in Nigeria.

My experience has served as an inspiration for me to help a number of students,not only in Mathematics but across several subject as Mathematics is the only subject that helps your logical thinking, analytical thinking and endow you the ability to think out of the box and provide top notch solutions to seemingly unsolutive outburst.

The result that my students command has been impeccable and thought me so much about how powerful we are as humans if only we think it right to be who we are destined and meant to be.

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